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Here are eight of the best free email clients to try on your Mac. Mozilla Thunderbird is a full-featured, secure, and functional email client.
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While the To-do and Done are pretty self-explanatory, the Memo is used for marking emails which you want to deal with later. However, if this approach is not for you, no worries, as you can use AirMail normally as any other email client. My favorite thing about AirMail 3 is its beautiful design which looks elegant and pleasing to eyes. I also appreciate the VIP feature which allows me to mark certain people as VIPs and quickly access their emails from the side-panel. It is like a smart folder for people and I love it.

AirMail 3 also supports iCloud syncing which makes it easier to sync your account and preferences across all your devices , and believe me you need this feature, as AirMail 3 allows you to configure a lot of things. AirMail 3 also offers one of the best integration suites of productivity apps which include names like Trello, Things, Ulysses, Day One, To Do, and more.

Overall, I quite enjoyed using AirMail and I can see myself switching to its service in the future. PolyMail is an email client for Mac which is best for teams and small business. The email client brings features that aim to help teams collaborate, be more productive, and work better, together. The big feature of PolyMail is the integration of comments and mentions along with support for email sharing and third-party apps.

The comments and mentions feature allow team members to collaborate with each other without needing to send long chains of emails. PolyMail also allows team members to automate repetitive tasks such as sending automated and emails, schedule follow-ups, and more. PolyMail also allows email senders to get detailed insight into when and how their emails were opened and read. This helps not only in keeping everyone accountable but also ensures that you always have access to all the information that you need to get the job done.

Other features of PolyMail include click and download tracking, follow up reminders, analytics report, activity feed, one-click unsubscribe, and more. Just like the others, the app is available on both Mac and iOS platform. As far as email clients go, the way it is priced, PostBox falls in the premium category.

By design, PostBox is not for someone who only has to deal with a couple of important emails daily. What I mean is that users can configure PostBox to fit their workflow exactly as they like it. For achieving this flexibility the PostBox team has integrated tons of feature in the app which power users love. Most of us have more than one email account and we keep those accounts logged in our email clients at all time.

The Best Email Client App for Mac in Unbiased Reviews

If you are not careful, sometimes you can send emails from a wrong account which is something I have done more than I would like to admit. PostBox stops that from happening as it identifies your mistake and highlights the contacts in red whenever you are using a wrong email account. PostBox is a powerful email client and if you need it and have the capacity to wield it, you should not hesitate before buying this.

Read More: If you are not using the right email client, emails can get out of your hands. The best email clients help you get through your emails so that you can spend the rest of your time being productive and creating something that you love. Some may find the message editor lacking a bit in power, and the absence of support for encrypted email is unfortunate.

Best Free Encryption Software 2018-2019 - Encrypt Your Files, Harddrives, Emails

Opera is designed with tab cycling, visual bookmarks, free VPN, and customizable shortcuts. There are over a thousand extensions that can be used to personalize the browser.

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Download Opera Mail. Never underestimate Mozilla.

The company built SeaMonkey, the email component of its open source browser , on the same Mozilla platform as Firefox It is a solid performer, full featured and usable. Download SeaMonkey. Share Pin Email. An independent writer who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since Updated January 04, Everything about Airmail is well-polished from a design perspective, and it just looks and feels like a native Mac application.

The compose window in Airmail actually allows you to compose in Markdown or HTML by opening up a side-by-side interface where you type on the left and your formatted text is displayed on the right. Selecting one of these options will apply an identifier similar to a tag to the message and move it to the appropriate container inside of Airmail. A To Do is just like it sounds something you need to do or take action on.

The Best Third-Party Email App for Mac

For example, if your boss asked you to send an updated report, or your spouse emailed you to pick up something from the store on your way home, you might classify that as a To Do. Creating a calendar event or a task with a link to the original email message is easy: Airmail integrates with quite a few applications and includes a Plugin Framework API that developers can use to integrate their apps with Airmail. For Gmail users, Airmail supports Gmail keyboard shortcuts as well, and while the complete list is not supported, a surprising number of them are.

Airmail is great, but there are a couple of things that keep us from naming Airmail as our favorite third-party email client. One minor complaint we have with Airmail is the way that it handles your IMAP folders — it actually creates a few nested folders inside of an Airmail folder that it uses to handle email-based tasks.

But the bigger issue is reliability. It appears this issue has been addressed in newer versions, but having a message fail to send when you think it has been sent is a big problem. That said, Airmail is still a great email app overall. Let me say at the beginning that MailMate is definitely not for everyone.

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The interface is a far cry from both Spark and Airmail, but if your goal is simply to crank through email as quickly and efficiently as possible, MailMate could be for you. MailMate also supports more Gmail keyboard shortcuts than any other app except MailPlane, and you can even use your own custom keybindings if you want. To add any basic formatting to your message italics, bold, bullet lists, links , you must do it in Markdown. MailMate also offers several unique layout options , like a widescreen layout and special views to show thread arcs and email statistics.

These bundles are also built on the default message URL schemes instead of using proprietary formats like both Spark and Airmail do.

The Best Email Client App for Mac

Let me give you an example:. When you are ready to take action, you can click that link and go straight to the message — no trying to find it in your email client, which is a huge time saver. But, if you look closely at the link in both Spark and Airmail, they are proprietary links. The address will start with either spark: This means when you click on the link, it will open directly in Spark or Airmail.

MailMate uses the default message format message: The interface is very functional, but also pretty boring. Postbox was previously our runner up, and is still a great email client with several unique features that are well thought out. For example, you could quickly find an email from a specific person received yesterday that has an attachment. Another great feature in Postbox is support for Pre-Made Responses. And the Quick Bar is sort of like Spotlight for your email client, quickly allowing you to jump to any account, folder, or message using the keyboard.

Postbox even has built-in anti-tracking, allowing you to block tracking pixels attached to some email messages. Postbox is also well-supported by the developers and receives consistent updates. Postbox is still a great email client, albeit a pricey one when compared to Spark or Airmail, and the interface is a little more cluttered because of all the features it supports.

Because all sales are handled through their website, they also offer upgrade pricing for owners of previous versions. One aspect of traditional email that can easily be overlooked is security.

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There are services that provide end-to-end encryption for the email messages you send and receive, but they can be a hassle to set up. Canary is an email app that handles it all for you by implementing the OpenPGP standard in a beautifully-designed email interface. Canary also has some great features, like a focused inbox, natural language search, smart filters, and a built-in cleaner that allows you to automatically find and delete unwanted emails.

But if simple security is important to you, check out Canary.